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Brittany and Blair

Blair and I met at a house party of a mutual friend. If you ask Blair how I fell in love with him he would say because he was on a winning streak on his 15th game of beer pong and while on the last cup, he closed his eyes and made it. If you ask me I was so love struck I don’t even remember; we have spent every day together since.

On February 13th 2010, Blair’s family came to Saratoga Springs, New York from Laurel, Delaware to visit and to meet my family. After a lasagna dinner and a few glasses of red wine, the video camera came out. Blair’s father explained how his parents were unable to travel the distance, so everyone took turns saying “Hi” to his parents on the video camera. When it was Blair’s turn, his father said, “Blair, do you have anything to say”? Blair gracefully turned to my direction, kneeled down on one knee, reached into his back pocket and presented an engagement ring. Then he whispered those four words that are in every little girl’s fantasy, “Will you marry me”? I jumped up in joy with happy tears and excitedly said “Of course”.

Since we were engaged in February 2010, and planned to be married on 10/10/10, we only had eight months to plan. We planned for it to be in early October because Blair did not want the wedding and honeymoon to interfere with hunting season. It was not difficult because of the lack of time but because we live in Upstate New York and the wedding would be taking place in Ocean City, Maryland. Blair’s step mother, Matia Spicer was a big help because she is artistic; she actually designed and crafted all of the wedding decorations. Since we were paying for everything ourselves, her help was a wedding gift for us and reduced the cost by a few hundred dollars.

We chose Rox Weddings and Events because of the amazing work they do and that they are a full service company. We didn’t have to worry about anything with them on board.

We decided to get married in Ocean City, Maryland because Blair is originally from Laurel, Delaware which is about thirty minutes north from Ocean City. When Blair was younger his mother would take trips to the beach each weekend and I have always imagined having a wedding on the beach. We chose the Courtyard Marriott because it is oceanfront and they had beautiful condos available.

The Best Thing about the day was that everything was perfect. It was a wonderful day and I wouldn’t change anything.
Special thanks to the vendors that helped make our wedding perfect:

Photography: Rox Weddings and Events
Location: Marriott Courtyard Ocean City
Coordinator: Rox Weddings and Events
Videographer: Rox Weddings and Events
Hair/Makeup: Robin Walter Salon and Spa
Caterer: The Captain’s Table
Entertainment: Rox Weddings and Events
Flowers: The Blue Room
Cake: Cakes by David

Extra special thanks to Rox Weddings and Events for going above and beyond in helping us with our wedding.

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